Producing at Sound Vision Studio

In addition to recording music, we can also support writing, arranging and mixing a track. We have over 30 years of experience we know exactly how to help you. A small selection of possibilities:

– Songwriting: At Sound Vision Studio we can support you with your songwriting. We have been writing for singer-song writers and larger orchestras for years. Writers block or having no inspiration at all? We can support, guide and advise you. In addition, we create an accompanying score. If needed we will hire other songwriters and / or composers to help finish your production.

– Mixing online: Nowadays it’s very easy to record music at home or on the go. You can bring your recorded material to us and we will be more then happy to mix it at our studio. A unique opportunity to use our high quality vintage equipment and give it a finishing touch. Needless to say the recorded material has to be of sufficient quality.

– Record CD: Recording a single or EP can be quite a lot of work. Here at Sound Vision Studio we’re happy to assist you in anyway possible. This isn’t limited to recording, we can help you with mixing, mastering, and post production too. Finally, we help you obtaining an IRSC code and registering your work with BUMA / STEMRA.

If you like something more tailored to your needs, please contact us for personal advice.