About George Konings

Before I introduce my recording studio, I would like to introduce myself. My name is George Konings, born in Dordrecht (1970), owner and producer at Sound Vision Studio, located at Merwedestraat 2D in Arnhem.

My parents were the main reason I got into music. Growing up they were always listing to music ranging from the Beatles, Pink Floyd to the Rolling Stones. I was hooked immediately and from that moment on I knew I wanted to be a musician too. After college I went to study at the conservatory in Rotterdam.

During my study I discovered other instruments and went on to play piano, bass guitar, Rhodes and Hammond. During this discovery I also started to compose and arrange songs.

During my career I’ve performed as a sologitarist with Henk Westbroek, Kadanz and later performed with my own band The Leads. After my first studio experience recording my own songs, I wasn’t satisfied with the sound and decided to start a recording studio.
With this, Sound Vision Studio was born.



For the last 32 or more years the studio has been a labour of love, passion, and creativity of my own. The top quality vintage equipment and the atmospheric vibe in the studio makes every musician feel right at home.

In addition to the top equipment and the great atmosphere, it’s important for us that you are enabled to give us the best you got to give; That’s our goal. When we meet in person, we’ll be able to learn about your project and what you wish to accomplish. A detailed discussion will allow us to present ideas on sound, atmosphere and the arrangements of the production.

Everyone is welcome at Sound Vision Studio, with or without a band or just to record and / or mix drums, vocals etc.

When necessary I’ll help with playing instruments, arranging and composing the song.

Almost anything is possible.

In recent years, SVS has grown tremendously. We have invested heavily in high quality vintage equipment: see our impressive equipment list.

There is a great choice of vintage microphones like the Neumann U-47, RCA Ribbon, STC 4033 A, and preamps like the V76 / V72 (The Beatles) Neumann preamps and the EMT 140 Plate Reverbs and AKG, Neve, the Chandler TG12345 .

The result is a complete recording studio with all the luxury you’ll need.
The recording space (930 m3) is so large that we can record your performance in the presence of an audience (up to 120 people) or we can even include a full symphonic orchestra. In addition to the large recording room, we have 3 control rooms and 4 small recording rooms.